Published: 16th May 2012
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Today more and more students are opting for MBA as career, because of the immense opportunities students get after completing their MBA. Now most of the students decide to opt for MBA as their higher education even before starting their graduation. In short we can say the charm of MBA is at its peak.

Every year millions of students appear for different competitive exams in order to get admission in top ranked MBA colleges. There are many common entrance exams conducted for MBA degree programs like CAT, XAT, MAT etc. With the increasing demand of MBA degree number of institutes providing coaching to crack these entrance exams has also increases manifolds.

There is a big question which must have stuck in your mind as well, is Why MBA? Why are people getting crazy for pursuing MBA degree only? We can answer this question only if we know the reason that leads students to run after MBA degree.

MBA is not only attracting graduate student, but it is also attracting working professional. Undergraduate students get attracted towards the MBA degree because of the rewarding career it gives after completing the program while working professionals want to pursue MBA because works as a ladder in their career and help them go higher. Good placement records of top B-Schools make it a safe career choice for undergraduate students. Up to a limit MBA offers a safe career in different economic situations.

Some people think that MBA is good only for the people who are interested in corporate jobs or want to become entrepreneurs. It is true but not completely. It does support in improving the corporate career but it does not imply that career choice after MBA is restricted till here only. Rather, with different specialization options it opens more door than any other degree.

MBA pursued from a reputed B-school works as a long term asset for you. Especially for working professionals it works as a valuable boost in their career and regular students also get very reputed job after completion of the course through campus placements.

During an MBA program students get chance to learn various skills. They attend number of knowledge programs. The practical exposure offered to students gives them an opportunity to understand the organization environment so that they can equip themselves with the required skill set. An MBA degree improves studentís overall personality and enables them to show their unique ideas and imagination. An MBA program prepares students for the future requirement in the corporate world.

Biggest benefit of pursuing MBA is the highest paying career you get after completion of your course. But the important thing to remember is that, in order to get this highest paying job you need to prove yourself. You canít get a good job only by completing your MBA course.

MBAs get unlimited opportunities because they get employment in almost every sector, every industry. Banks, retail stores, consultancy firms, manufacturing firms, media houses, FMCG companies etc. have different jobs for MBAs like marketing, finance, HR, organization development, operations etc.

The positive change in the economy and upswing in all the industries give a good indication to join MBA. If you are ready to put in all your efforts, your journey in MBA is full of opportunities.

BIMT (Brij Mohan Institute of Management and Technology) is established by philanthropic Brij Educational Trust, to impart world class management education. It aims at synergizing theoretical knowledge and practical skills to promote all-round professional competence. The guiding philosophy of BIMT is influencing and promoting value based growth. BIMT strives to provide high quality education and in order to achieve this goal, the members of BIMT will constantly monitor to ensure transparency and accountability and to maintain the high ideals that BIMT stands for.

Fee Structure (Per Annum) for MBA Course is Only Rs. 1,12,500/- (No other hidden charges)

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